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Work the Nordic Way

We can’t fit the whole of New York into tiny Norway - our original home - so we’re bringing Norway to New York. That means we work differently. Coming from a country certified as the happiest in the world, we know that how we treat each other and how we work together matters. We believe that more trust + more autonomy + more humanity = more success. We also believe that a diverse team is a strong team, which is why we're committed to improving diversity at Unacast.

And yeah, sure, we have amazing benefits. But you’re not here for the vacation time or stocked fridge, right? Good! Neither are we. One really good reason to be here, however, is the extremely smart, kind and talented team already at Unacast.

Want to get a taste of what it's really like to work with us? Check out the video below of our team workation in Ibiza this past summer:


Be Your Own CEO

Meet a few of the Unacast team members who are living our
"Be Your Own CEO" value every day.

Work the Nordic Way

We can’t fit the whole of New York into tiny Norway - our original home - so we’re bringing Norway to New York. That means we work differently. Coming from a country certified as the happiest in the world, we know that how we treat each other and how we work together matters. We believe that more trust + more autonomy + more humanity = more success. We also believe that a diverse team is a strong team, which is why we're committed to improving diversity at Unacast.

And yeah, sure, we have amazing benefits. But you’re not here for the vacation time or stocked fridge, right? Good! Neither are we. One really good reason to be here, however, is the extremely smart, kind and talented team already at Unacast.

Want to get a taste of what it's really like to work with us? Check out the video below of our team workation in Ibiza this past summer:

Meet the whole team
Adi Reske
VP Marketing
As the VP of Marketing at Unacast, Adi is leading the charge on positioning, digital marketing and branding. Before joining Unacast, Adi served as the VP of Marketing at Provenir. She has 20+ years of enterprise software marketing experience.
Amalie Johannessen Løvdahl
Talent Acquisition Manager
Amalie has an MSc degree in Leadership & Organizational Psychology from BI Norwegian Business School and completed her BSc in Business Management at Kingston University, London. Besides matchmaking candidates with the right role, she likes to paint, read and spend time with her family
Andreas Olsen
Senior Director of Business Development
Andreas is an engineer with a masters degree from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. Previously he had a startup together with Martin Sahlen, Unacast's very first technical hire, before moving to media company Schibsted and becoming the CEO of Newmark Capital, which was one of the first investors in Unacast. When he isn't working he is the only athlete on the Madagascan Cross Country ski team, and he represented Madagascar during the World Ski Championship in 2019!
Benjamin Aanes
Data Scientist
Benjamin joined Unacast after two years as a consultant at BearingPoint. He holds a MSc Finance and Business Analytics from the Norwegian School of Economics. One of Benjamin's greatest achievements is winning the coveted title of "Unacast's fastest" at the 2020 Gokart championship. In his spare time Benjamin likes to read, go skiing or hiking, improve his Emacs skills, and discussing with his girlfriend about how to best raise their mischievous kitten, Luna.
Benjamin Thürer
Director Data Science
Benjamin is a former neuroscientist who now fulfills his passion for data science at Unacast. He is a dedicated father and moved together with his family from Germany to Oslo. In his free time, you probably find Benjamin running in the forests around Oslo.
Chance Reichenberg
Software Engineer
Chance brings his Frontend and User Experience knowledge to Unacast from the Fortune 500 corporate world. When not venturing the globe on photographic journeys and hiking adventures, he's exploring the depths of his kitchen to craft the most uselessly complicated recipes he can find while planning the next skill or art to study.
Colin Nattrass
Senior Data Scientist
Colin joined Unacast as a Data Engineer after working in data-related roles at both Nets, a Nordic payment infrastructure and services provider, and HSBC. His professional interests lie in building big data pipelines and analytical models - used to better understand our world (and ideally translating to better processes, or new products). Outside of work, Colin enjoys spending time in nature - hiking with his girlfriend and dogs, and trying not to injure himself skiiing.
Conner Pate
Insights & Analytics Engineer
Conner is an Insights & Analytics Engineer. Most recently he worked developing solutions for clients working with big data, specializing in the retail vertical. His favorite part of working with data is discovering unexpected insights. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting and growing bonsai trees - his oldest is over 100 years old!
Eric Hynes
VP Partnerships
Eric began his career in the agency world of TV advertising until moving over to the Client Success team at Unacast. When Eric isn't watching soccer or playing golf, he's traveling the world in search for the next best meal and adding to his neverending list of recipes.
Forrest Gerke
Client Success Manager
Forrest is originally from a small town in the mountains of southwestern Colorado and has now been living in NYC for 10 years. He received his BFA in painting and BA in art history from Colorado State University and is still a working artist in his home studio. Forrest has been working in the tech industry for the last decade or so, working with SaaS-based platforms in a variety of industries. Forest has a vibrant personality, a calm temperament, and is truly a good person.
Frode Bjerke
Chief Technology Officer
Frode is a technologist with a broad set of experiences for his young age. He studied Computer Science at University of Oslo and has since 2013 worked in San Francisco, New York and Oslo across five industries, proudly he boasts having made mistakes in all of them. Stepping down from the Olympic chase in the odd sport of Curling three years ago, Frode now tries to figure out what to do with his new found spare time.
Hans Olav Hilsen
Director of Data Science
Hans Olav joins Unacast after two years at BearingPoint as a consultant. Prior to that, he earned his degree in Industrial Economics at NTNU, while also assisting students in building racecars and co-running a small company. He enjoys spending his spare time either on the golf course, at the theatre doing improv or dusting off his piano skills, and is an avid skier.
Ingrid Pilskog
Product Manager
Growing up in Ulsteinvik on the west coast of Norway Ingrid moved to Oslo for her masters in Industrial Economics and Technology Management. She specialized in Business Management and Product Development and also attended the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program hosted at UC Berkeley where she interned at the acclaimed design firm Montaag. Outside of work Ingrid enjoys spending time with her friends and family, hiking, skiing, and cooking.
Jan Benetka
Data Scientist
Born and raised in Bohemia, Jan has now lived all over the world. After getting his PhD in Trondheim, he lived and worked in Seattle, Melbourne, and Singapore. Unacast was a natural choice for him, given his life-long passion for cartography and academic interest in the influence of spatial context on human behavior. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and when he does, he makes sure his wife, his camera and his bike(s) are along for the journey.
Jarno Vanto
Chief Privacy Officer
Jarno advises Unacast on all things privacy. His career specifically focuses on privacy and data security law, corporate law, and data licensing. Jarno has published several articles and contributed to multiple books on international privacy regulations.
Jeffrey Cichon
Sales Director
Jeffrey joined Unacast with a background working in various technology verticals including SaaS, AI / Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data. Jeffrey recently was the Director of Sales at SiteZeus, an AI Machine learning platform for the Real Estate Industry. Outside of work, Jeffrey has a passion for playing the piano, guitar, Ducati motorcycles, and the NY Yankees!
John Ryan
Sales Development Representative
After spending the first part of his career in the Asset Management space and earning his MSc in Finance at EDHEC in France, John set his focus on the tech industry. He has a passion for developing and implementing strategies, working with cross-functional teams, and finding creative solutions to challenges. Outside of work he enjoys fitness, mountain sports, travel, and reading non-fiction.
John Smith
Data Partnerships
John is a seasoned startup professional with a track record of forging partnerships to grow emerging technology companies. When he's not out hunting data, you can find him snowboarding down a volcano, relaxing at a jazz club, or biking across a remote island with his wife, Jordana.
Jon Torre
Senior Sales Director
Jonathan grew up in Connecticut, starting his sales career in financial services. He always enjoyed figuring out how to help correct business inefficiencies, and finds that selling technology provides a unique view into another company's process - as such, his transition into tech sales was a natural next step. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing tennis, binge watching Law and Order and hanging out with my wife and dog, George. Despite his last name, Jonathan is a diehard Mets fan!
Julie Kirkhus
Senior Software Engineer
Julie joined Unacast as a Software Engineer. She graduated from NTNU in 2016 and worked at CapGemini before coming onboard. Julie is a front-end wizard, and is also very present in the demo scene in Norway. She’s also at level 24 in Pokemon Go.
Katie Pugh
Director of Product Marketing
Katie is a product marketer with a bachelor's degree in Finance from Penn State University and an MBA from ESADE Business School. She is passionate about data and technology and has previously worked at other SaaS companies covering industries from finance and real estate, to education and nonprofits. She's built a career in sales and marketing and has been fortunate to have had two exits with previous companies. In her spare time she loves trying new restaurants or enjoying the great outdoors - hiking, biking, tennis, you name it! Having recently relocated to Miami from D.C., you might also catch her on the beach volleyball courts or reading by the pool.
Kenny Ling
Senior Product Manager
Kenny began his career as a cartographer, but made his way into the world of GIS, consulting, and before joining Unacast, electric vehicles! Fueled by his passion for maps and mobility, he sees Unacast as the perfect outlet for doing what he loves most while solving real-world problems. He recently moved to Oslo from the US and is excited to explore the city (and its food!) with his wife and daughter.
Kjartan Slette
COO & Co-founder
Kjartan is one of the two founders of Unacast. Previous to Unacast, Kjartan was part of the founding team at TIDAL, acquired by Jay-Z in 2015. He grew up admiring his dad's vinyl collection and always wanted work with music. As the music industry became a tech industry, Kjartan carried on down the path of building global tech companies. Plus, he's a dedicated dad!
Kristine Ivarsøy
Director of Data Science
Kristine is a business intelligence consultant turned data scientist and she likes to work with all kinds of data stuff like processing, quality and analysis. She is from and lives in Oslo, but loves travels to Japan, France and Mexico. Or to just stay at home with a good book or knitting.
Lauren Spinazze
Client Success Director
Lauren is joining Unacast as a Sales Director after spending the last few years in the commercial real estate research space. She recently relocated to New York from Southern California and in her free time she enjoys playing basketball, learning to code, and spending time with her dog Mozart.
Linn Jordet Nygaard
VP of Data & Engineering
Linn studied industrial engineering and was an IT consultant for eleven years before she was swept away by charming Unacast. Much like other data people she loves structure and tidyness. Outside work she loves to dance jazz ballett, learn new yoga poses or shoot portraits of friends and family. Originally from the countryside in Norway she enjoys travelling very much and has lived in Copenhagen, Cape Town, Busan and London before returning to wonderful Oslo.
Luis Plazas
Software Engineer
Born and mostly raised in Colombia, Luis is moving to Oslo and joining Unacast after having worked in Prague and the Bay area with a lot of focus on backend and search technologies. He is more than excited to learn how to ski and is loving the breathtaking nature Norway has to offer (as well as Brunost). He is always looking to live more in accordance to nature and sleeps with a tennis racquet under his pillow.
Marc Garcia
Software Engineer
Marc is a software engineer, his passion is web programming especially Javascript language. Before moving to Norway to join Unacast, he was living in Barcelona, working as web developer in multiple companies. When he isn’t working, he spends almost all his time in the mountains, sometimes climbing or just hiking.
Mathias Schläffer
Senior Data Scientist
After a first career in physiotherapy, Mathias studied spatial- and transport economics in Amsterdam. He then worked in consulting and finance before returning to handling spatial data at Unacast. When he's not at work he is often busy maintaining his sourdough starters and lacto-fermented veggies in the fridge, trying to burn off the homemade pizza and bread, reading up on behavioral economics or simply strolling along the Akerselva river.
Mathis Kristensen
Data Engineer
Prior to joining Unacast as a Data Engineer, Mathis worked as a Consultant in Geodata, where he built data management systems for imagery and elevation data. Outside of work, Mathis enjoys drinking a nice beer in good company. He also loves playing squash and football, and recently, he discovered padel tennis (not to be confused with paddle tennis), which is now his newfound passion.
Ole Christian Langfjæran
Senior Software Engineer
Ole Christian joins Unacast after spending the last 12 years as a consultant and developer at BEKK. As his main occupation he is a dad to two boys, ages 2 and 5, whose main occupation is annoying each other all the way to insanity. Before having a main occupation, and no spare time, he used to fill his spare hours with judo and brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Paige Hollier
Sales Development Representative
Prior to joining this position, Paige spent over 2 years with Americold Logistics where she held the role of Inside Sales Rep and eventually became the Inside Sales Manager. During this time she gained experience in successfully executing the sales cycle and leading a team to meet and exceed quarterly and yearly sales goals. A little about Paige; She's Cajun which means she was born in the swamps of Louisiana and can cook the best gumbo you’ve ever eaten. In my spare time she trains and competes in Brazilian jiu jitsu.
Rikard Bandebo
Chief Product Officer
Rikard was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but after a few of months he had had enough with the winter weather and migrated to the UK. He studied Computer Science and Finance at the University of Edinburgh. His early career was in Europe, in London and Gothenburg, before he migrated to the US in 2008. Rikard have since lived, in Washington DC, New York City, Newport Beach, Washington DC (again), Atlanta, San Francisco, and now Greenwich CT. Rikard has a long history in bringing to market data and analytics solutions, and has had the most success when disrupting existing markets through transformative innovation. He has also built and transformed multiple product teams globally from New Delhi to London to Vilnius.
Scott Valentine
Head of Content & Communications
Scott is a Canadian writer, communicator and recovering marketing executive with six previous tech exits. He's published more than a million words in top media. The coolest part of his job is helping people to tell stories using Unacast's data.
Sjur Sundin
Senior Product Designer
Sjur has spent 9 years as a designer and design manager in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and San Diego, working for various startups and IBM, before returning to Norway in 2018. After a short stint at the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth, Sjur is now joining Unacast which will be his seventh startup, including an unsuccessful one he founded himself. When not designing SaaS enterprise software, Sjur likes to bake, read, and stare into space.
Sruthi Subramanyam
Software Engineer
Sruthi spent 4 years at Oracle and AWS in India before moving to Norway and joining Unacast. She holds an MSc in Technology from the Birla Institute Of Technology and Science. Quite the adventure seeker, if she had a week to visit anywhere in the world she would visit Andaman and Nicobar, islands that have it all…beautiful oceans with corals, fun aquariums, nature and beaches, adventurous trips to tribal safaris, limestone caves and volcanoes!
Susanne Hagen
Data Vendor Manager
After a career in the oil- service industry, Susanne went from mapping the seabed to mapping the real world with Unacast. She holds a master’s in physics and an MBA, and combines the world of tech and business on the supply side. Most of her spare time is dedicated to spending time with her kids, family, and friends, as well as playing volleyball. She doesn’t really like to travel, but loves the destination!
Tesh Patel
Sales Director
Tesh is a sales director with a background in fashion, working in both sales and product roles for companies such as Urban and the NFL. When he’s not working, Tesh enjoys taking data science courses, collecting useless trivia, and going to watch his favorite bands live, like Mike Snow and Nine Inch Nails.
Thomas Walle
CEO & Co-founder
Thomas is the CEO and Co-founder of Unacast. Prior to starting Unacast, Thomas was a founding member of TIDAL, the music streaming service later acquired by Jay-Z. He thrives in new and growing industries where boundaries have not yet been defined. When he isn't working, Thomas loves spending time with his wife and two children in Connecticut.
Tor Åge Ballo
Senior Director of Software Engineering
Tor Åge joins Unacast after spending most of his professional career at Skatteetaten, Norway's IRS, where he was a developer and architect. He lives in Oslo with his soon-to-be wife and two kids. In his youth, when he had free time, he played in multiple bands and nowadays he enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, weight lifting, running, soccer, and any form of sports involving a ball.
Torbjørn Vatn
Specialized Software Engineer
Torbjørn is experienced IT consultant turned startup hacker. Loves tinkering with all things technical and is a big functional programming advocat. He ride his cargo bike everywhere all year round, even to the ski slopes right by his house. Torbjørn means Thunder Bear in Norwegian.
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